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This much is known: In one violent and chaotic night, local police officers, working with a criminal gang and the mayor, stopped and shot at the buses carrying the teacher-training students. There is still no information about what exactly happened, why, who was involved or even where the students are. To find out what happened in the town of Iguala that day, he created a special commission, named a special prosecutor and, more recently, announced a new inquiry after the courts ordered the first, heavily criticized investigation redone.

A federal judge also recently dismissed charges against 77 individuals implicated in the crime, arguing that widespread torture was used to force confessions. Every month, on the 26th, their parents trek nearly miles each way to Mexico City, having found purpose in a ritual of protest.

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On its fifth anniversary, the Times spoke with those directly affected by the events of that night. Very few residents speak Spanish. But after trying to call him and getting no answer, she raced there on Monday, taking two vans and a taxi, to find out what happened. It was the only way to communicate with officials and lawyers, or to publicize the case, which she has done in Colombia, Argentina, the United States and Brazil.

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Their car slowed down next to what seemed to be a makeshift police checkpoint. The officers said nothing.

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They pointed their weapons at the passengers, he said. Then they fired. A woman in another taxi was also shot that night. She was among the six dead.

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He scored a goal. On their way back home to Chilpancingo, their bus pulled up next to a taxi that was riddled with bullets. Moments later, he said, they were under fire. One of his teammates was shot dead, as was their bus driver. He even took up coaching the team he had been playing for that night, until violence struck again. Sergio Ocampo Arista is a journalist, but at first, he took the rumors of a shootout in Iguala in stride.

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At the time, Guerrero state had the highest homicide rate of the nation. He gathered a caravan of journalists and drove the almost 60 miles from Chilpancingo to Iguala.

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But as he pushed past police and toward the main avenue, he saw other bodies were still lying around: those of the three teacher-training students who were shot that night. He and his colleagues took photos. His dispatch that Sunday was the first news some families got about what happened that night.

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The report also helped investigators reconstruct some of the events. She called and found he was among the missing.

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She moved to Ayotzinapa, seven hours away from her hometown, to search for answers. For years she camped out there along with other parents. Much work still needs to be done to protect Native women, and many questions must be answered. They are missing and murdered Native women and girls, mothers and grandmothers, daughters and sisters, aunties, friends. Have you been touched by this issue? Is one of your friends or family members among the vanished?

Do you think law enforcement has done enough to solve these cases? Share your thoughts here. Please disable your ad blocker, whitelist our site, or purchase a subscription. Toggle navigation. One year after meeting on missing women, mother still wonders about her daughter's death. The statistics are grim. They want action. They have names.

They have stories. And they are no longer invisible. The Vanished Missing Dozens of women have disappeared in and around the Yakama reservation. Searching For families a long search and a lonely vigil, with little help. Solutions One effort to make sure the state starts to pay attention to this problem. Resources What to know and who to call if someone you know vanishes.

Stories Every story on the epidemic of violence against native women we've published. Nationwide Native women across the nation are vanishing from Alaska to Florida.