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Jan 22, , pm. Jan 24, , pm. Both genders must be stated in job advertisements since , and the same habit has been taken voluntarily in many areas. Here's another Le Monde article. TL;DR: Feminisation of formerly male professions and occupations : done and dusted. Use of joint male and female forms at all times : controversial for the conservative, routine for others, widespread in schools, mandatory for job advertisements. Used by one school book publisher. Sspelling and grammar reforms are done by government decree; and of course, people may or may not heed them. Used by a handful of militant writers and teachers.

Public outrage prevailed. Personally, I would have liked a serious, annotated edition because I feel that his texts have historical value, and that they would benefit from contextualisation. It might also limit the fetishisation of his work.

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Edited: Jan 24, , pm. I should have been more precise, to me the net effect of gender-inclusivity is gender-neutralness--at least, that's what one hopes for, socially, with these measures.

Falsches Spiel: Roman (German Edition)

And I for one would be for more radical changes to French and other strongly gendered languages. The divergence between the approaches in, say, French vs. For one thing, our understanding of biological gender is getting more complex and the linguistic binary seems less and less adequate.

In English there's already the possibility of de-gendering some professions, titles, etc. I don't see why something like that couldn't be introduced in other languages I do "see" it would cause huge amounts of debate. But, patience Right now we are seeing a weird opposition of concepts and tactics, while all are supposedly motivated by the same agenda of gender equality. Clearly we have to wonder where does the latter leave people who don't feel they belong to the gender binary, and whether this "female-gendering" doesn't simply serve further isolation and ghettoisation of women.

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I would at least propose a few other measures some of which I've encountered already, but not very often --break up stylistic patterns of speaking always about "men and women", "boys and girls" etc. I certainly hope so all the time not just in regard with French media , but I'm not sure the statistics of achievement warrant any great optimism about the unrepresented.

That is, even if the public opinion is less sexist than the media make it seem, that supposed egalitarianism isn't evident in stark indicators. I read about this somewhere not long ago; in brief, the idea is that French women are in some respects better off than, say, American women simply because the social net is better, but in terms of equality, they are way behind where you'd normally expect them to be.

I tried looking for the article but can't find it in haste, instead this popped up, a bit oldbut perhaps of interest: Why French women have so little equality, a story in charts. According to the World Economic Forum's global survey, France is the absolute worst in the world for gender wage equality. Marcel Jouhandeau.

PRIDE & PREJUDICE by Jane Austen - FULL AudioBook 🎧📖 - Greatest🌟AudioBooks

They are also available in English, and possibly other languages. Edited: Apr 20, , am. Trying to get back in the habit of posting after a few weeks' hiatus. I got discouraged, and then stuff happened in real life I am now writing all my reviews and long posts in a word processor first. As far as I can see, this is his only novel available in translation.

It could have been written in the nineteenth century rather than in Things happen to the hero and the secondary characters, they make their way across a country in the throes of a deadly civil war, they are separated, then their paths cross again The two wives of the title are transparently North and South Korea. They get jostled from man to man — or should I say owner to owner?

One stays in the North, one ends up in the South, having failed to reach Japan. I feel it was a good primer on Korea, and wonder whether some of the information was put in for Western readers: there was quite a bit of background historical information, complete with names, explanations and dates, which I assume Koreans would not need.

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It was a bit didactic, but I was very grateful for it and for the map on the inside front cover. They were very useful to me and a lot less disruptive than looking stuff up on Wikepedia, which I would have had to do otherwise. Edited: Apr 23, , am.

Alcools (Athlone French Poets) (French Edition)

She worked as an official observer during the post-war Nazi trials, and went on to study Nazi crimes and deportation for the next 10 years. She visits camps, witnesses terrible hardships and acts as a whistleblower against the atrocities committed by the French occupiers. I was struck by all those moments of female solidarity and ingenuity, in prison and in the camps: the way they managed to pass on information and help each other. She comes across as an intellectually rigourous woman, full of compassion and courage, and surrounded by like-minded women. Edited: Apr 29, , am. Some stories are realistic but exaggerated for effect; others go off on flights of fancy the one where an American astronaut lands on the roof, for example.

He turned this book into a film called Asphalte in French and Macadam Stories in English, apparently. A easy, entertaining read, but ultimately not entirely satisfying for me. Apr 24, , am. I find it very hard to believe. The mixed family members of the above. Another main character has a Central European name. Location: UK: London and Tarbat Ness Lighthouse, North-East Scotland This takes place in an alternate reality and in a near-future where people have by and large stopped making and carrying babies in the usual way.

They use biotech grow-pouches instead.


Obviously, things are not as perfect as the picture painted by the company pushing those pouches. There are hidden unexplained still-births among third-generation pouch-babies. And because embryos that would in the past have been terminated are transferred to a pouch and grown to term, there are legions of unadopted children kept out of sight in orphanages.

Also, the NHS is no more, and only rich people can afford good healthcare. Years ago Holly Bhattacharya volunteered to be the first person to use a grow-pouch. Despite its flaws, it was still an enjoyable read and a bit of a page-turner. Edited: Apr 25, , am.

That feels pretty artificial to me. There are frequent violent mutinies in schools and of course, the fact that they are called mutinies shows that schools are basically army barracks for the underage. From to , the focus changes from brute strength to the pursuit of excellence.

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Other types of dominations - at school, at work, on the football pitch — are encouraged. Violence is more sublimated. I found the text unconvincing, simplistic and not always easy to follow. For me, the book was saved by the secondary stuff: the anecdotes and the illustrations. Nice form, not enough substance. Apr 30, , am. There has been a massive mobilization, galvanized by a grassroots movement called NiUnaMenos to fight femicides. This book helped raise awareness of this issue. She describes the patriarchal, top-down society that made those murders and their cover-up possible.

Edited: May 1, , pm.

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So I did! His mother was a Christian of Confucean background.

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He had a strong interest in all the spiritual paths he encountered: Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, and traditional Korean Shamanism. She lives with her mute daughter, a painter, in a derelict cottage. One day, her first-born who had been sent away to a Buddhist monastery comes back.

He has converted to Christianity. As you can well imagine, things do not go well. Edited: May 2, , am.