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There is no suggestion that the DUP will agree to an Irish Language Act — and there is nothing to suggest that Sinn Fein will step back from that demand. Expect a move at Westminster to further extend the period for the formation of an Executive probably to stretch across this calendar year into The narrow window for talks is becoming ever wider, and there are those who believe that an opportunity has been missed; that if something was going to get done, then it should have been done by now.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Even the most optimistic in this Talks Play no longer expect a deal in the here and now. Armature A metal divisional bar or bars making a framework for supporting stained glass, usually fixed into a wall. Art Glass A general term for any decorative glass, panel, or window made with opalescent, iridescent, or pattern glass.

Aureole A radiant light around a head or body of the representation of a sacred person. Autonomous Panel A non-architectural stained glass composition. Awning Window A window whose sash is hinged at the top and projects out when open. Baptistery A separate room or building of a church containing the font. Baroque Machine made to imitate reamy glass. A style of art of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries characterized by overblown realism and curved figures.

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Bauhaus An artistic style derived from the principles of a German school of architecture and design founded in , and terminated prior to World War II. Bay The space between columns. One complete transverse unit of the architecture, interior or exterior. Bay Window Three or more window units attached to a building so as to project outward. Buttering Applying a thin layer of putty or sealant to the flat surface before installing a window. Came Calms Metal strips, generally "U" or "H" shaped, used to hold glass pieces together to form a stained glass window. Canopy An architectural framing device to enclose a figure or scene.

Cartoon Full-size working drawing showing detail of leading and painting. Casement Window A window sash hung by hinges and fastened to the window frame. Cathedral Glass Machine rolled transparent colored glass. Cats Paw Opalescent glass with a mottled appearance that suggests cat paw prints. Chancel The east portion of the church set aside for the clergy and choir.

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Channel "U" shaped groove in the came in which the glass sits. Chipped Glass A technique where glue pulls the surface of the glass, causing it to chip. Clerestory The upper part of the nave above the side aisles of a church. Color Selection The very careful choice of colored glass, under natural light, so that an exact choice or replacement is possible. Colored Glass Glass with an obvious tint, caused by mixing minerals throughout the hot glass. Commercial Glass Clear, heavy glass with a pattern pressed on one side. Composition The overall design of a finished piece containing balance of color and linear flow.

Copper Foil The mil-thickness copper material, often adhesive backed, used to join separate pieces of glass. The technique of joining pieces of glass where foil is centered on the edge of each glass piece, then bent over the edge to cover a very small portion of the back and front faces of the glass. Pieces are abutted and solder is melted over the exposed foil surfaces, causing the foil-covered glass edges to become joined.

Crackel Craquel Glass Antique glass with cracked texture which has been intentionally introduced during the cooling process. Cruciform Cross shaped. Cusp The projecting points formed by the intersection of two segmental arcs or foils.

Machine-drawn antique glass. Dalle de Verre A thick slab of cast stained glass that is cut or broken and cemented into a panel with an epoxy adhesive matrix. Daylight Visible opening size. Dichroic Glass Space-age application of super thin, clear layers of metal oxides which allows for either transmitted or reflected color, depending on the viewer's viewing position. Double Glazing The use of two pieces of glass, one in front of the other, with an air space between for insulation. Double Hung A window consisting of two sashes of glass operating in a rectangular frame.

Double Strength Glass One-eighth inch thick glass. Strength refers to thickness. Drapery The painting on glass that defines the drapery robes of figures, usually Biblical. Drapery Glass Heavily manipulated, folded or rippled glass that forms "drapes" that may be one inch or more thick.

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Dutchman To cover a crack during repair, a flange of lead is applied over the crack, tucked under adjoining leads and soldered in place. Dry Glazing A method of securing glass in a frame with just resilient gaskets.

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European Antique Mouth-blown antique glass from Europe and England. Exterior Glazed Glass set from the exterior of the building. Exterior Stop The molding that holds the light on the exterior of the frame. Facade The front of a building. Faceted Glass Stained glass windows made of Dalle glass and a matrix. Figured Glass Cut on a wheel brilliant , but also etched and pattern glass. Fillet A thin strip, or border of glass. Fenestration The arrangement of windows in a structure. Fixed Window A window permanently fastened to the frame.

Flashed Glass Sheet glass, usually clear, with a thin layer of colored glass on one side. Flemish Glass Clear cathedral glass with a large wavelike pattern on both sides. Float Plate Glass Flat glass manufactured by floating the ribbon of drawn, molten glass on a long bath of molten tin, and fire-polishing the upper surface, yielding a smooth, polished surface on both sides.

French new antique glass, a machine-drawn antique glass. Frosted Glass Glass with a white translucent surface resulting from sandblasting or etching.


French semi-antique, a machine-drawn antique glass. Full Antique Mouth-blown antique sheet glass. Gothic A style, generally referring to architecture, found in western Europe from 12th through 16th centuries. Glass Etch Any of several compounds that permit the frosting of glass. Glass Globs Thick, round pieces of glass, from. Glass Jewels Small pieces of clear or colored glass that have been faceted, molded or domed. Glass Paint Vitreous paints composed of metallic oxides and ground glass in a liquid vehicle and then fired on glass.

Glazing The process of assembling pieces of glass and lead to make a window. Glue Chip The application of heated animal glue to sandblasted glass that, when dry, chips off, leaving a crystalline or icy look. Goethe Glass A clear blown glass without seeds or striation, just a slight surface distortion from the blowing process, similar to old window glass. German new antique, a machine-drawn antique glass. Granite Back Glass Cathedral glass with a rolled bumpy, rough texture on one surface of the glass.

Grisaille A panel or window of clear or light-colored glass painted with geometric or foliate designs. Halation A phenomenon where light-colored glass, when surrounded by darker glass, seems to spread beyond actual boundaries, creating a halo effect. Hammered Glass Cathedral glass with a tiny, tight, uniform pattern of round, smooth knobs. H Bar An "H" shaped metal bar used as a support between two sections of a panel. Hopper A window whose sash is hinged at the bottom. Iconography A comprehensive plan for the subjects of works of art, not necessarily Christian.