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The contents are well organized and laid out with logical and informative section titles. The text is nicely illustrated and regularly gives a clear and easily understandable overview of complex subjects, as well as provides some additional detail This book will be an excellent introduction and overview of plant biochemistry to anyone interested in the subject. It also provides a nice reference for students of pharmacy, nutrition, environmental sciences, and ecology, as well as general biology students. As such, it will be a good textbook for classes associated with these subjects.

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The material is elegantly presented, with attention to molecular structures, intracellular compartmentation, and regulatory mechanisms controlling metabolism. Difficult topics are presented with incredible clarity and with a style that reflects many decades of cutting-edge research and effective teaching by the author.

I highly recommend this book for both students and researchers in the field of plant biochemistry. My students prefered the first edition of this book to more encyclopedic treatments by a wide margin. The book covers aspects of biochemistry that are essential to a broad understanding of plant function.

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The book is focused on clear explanations of the essential concepts rather than an encyclopedic approach. Simple diagrams make even complex topics clear. The typeface and layout of the new edition is improved, with important words in bold, making important topics stand out for easy comprehension.

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This book is invaluable as a text for any plant biochemistry course. Heldt's Plant Biochemistry textbook is built around proven artwork from previous editions, with some intelligent additions. It adds substantial new text and more references than in the past that can guide the reader to in-depth studies, often with references from , clearly this textbook is not outdated. This edition places much emphasis on concepts that are presented in lucid fashion, providing an insight into complex processes in a straightforward way.

This is particularly obvious in those areas of plant biochemistry that have been the author's own field of research for several decades. This textbook is an excellent vehicle to make green biochemistry understandable to undergraduate students. They leave areas of general biochemistry to the many fine textbooks on it, focusing on those aspects particular to plants.

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Because of the importance of biotechnology, they also emphasize generating and utilizing transgenic plants. Photosynthesis plays a large part in plant chemistry, along with the large surface-area-to-mass ratio, compared to animals. This first English edition is a translation of the fourth edition of the German "Pflanzenbiochemie", published by Spektrum Adakemischer Verlag Heidelberg. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.

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