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Second, I'll manually remove the pests where I see them to the extent that I can. Third, I'll cut off any parts that are too infested to revive with cacti this is easy - it's a natural step in propagation. Fourth, I'll spray down the cacti with a solution of water and Provado, and even rubbing alcohol if I think it's necessary. Fifth, I'll allow the plant to dry off if it had pieces chopped off before repotting it with fresh soil and a clean pot.

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Sixth, I'll use the water and Provado solution weekly or whenever I water the cactus as a prevention plan. First, I'll inspect the plant before taking it to see if I notice anything - looking at its surface and toying around with the topsoil. Second, once the plant is home, I'll remove it from its pot and soil, inspect the entire plant root included to see if I notice any pests.

Thirdly, I'll then pot it in a newly-cleaned pot - cleaned with bleach and hot water - and fresh soil. And lastly, when I water it next, I'll use a solution of water, rubbing alcohol, and Provado just to be safe. Is there anything I should know? Is it possible to rid your plants of mealybugs and scale insects? So I have a ivy that I have had for like 6 months.

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It's doing good. I was just wondering when do I know when I need to repot it.

And i water it once a week. I just got aloe vera plant any ideas on what to do with that.. This will not only water them but give a nice very diluted boost to them. Shame to throw all those nutrients away. It is very the basics of Aquaponics.

12 easy indoor plants for beginners

My plants have exploded and I think it's due to using the aquarium water! Such an easy way to give the plants nutrients. I have two Chinese evergreen plants. One plant is beautiful - it is full, tall, and continues to get new leaves. My other plant, which I got at the same time as the first one, will not grow.

I have tried iit by every window in my house. It doesn't seem to like any of them and it doesn't like being in a corner either. I have let the soil dry out and then watered it and I have kept the soil moist - neither works. I have fertilized it and I have not fertilized it.

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The most leaves that it has had is three which is if by chance one leaf grows and then I lose a leaf so it usually has only two leaves. I do not see any bugs or anything else.

15 of the Best Bedroom Plants for a Prettier, Healthier Space

I finally put it outside thinking that it might like the hot weather but that did not make a difference either. What is wrong with this plant??? I take care of it just like the first one which is thriving but this second one just will not grow. I don't know why. Can you help? I moved and transplanted them to my new garden but for last 2 yrs.

This year I divided them so I could move some. Some help please. The only way insects could be a problem is if potted plants that have been outdoors for a while were brought indoors and left near your avocado seedlings. I have a mosquito plant that I have indoors in the soil I see little white bugs and little brown like worms what can I do to put inside the dirt to kill him.

If no change occurs, try adding the liquid of blended hot peppers to the spray bottle, and apply mildly to the plant. Be careful, as too much of the hot pepper liquid can harm the foliage of plants. I need some help. I have a beautiful full Christmas Cactus that stays beautiful green year round but I cannot get it to produce its beautiful flowers. I water it only when the soil becomes very dry.

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong and why I cannot get my Christmas Cactus to bloom year after year? Just like we slow down in winter, so do our houseplants. Thriving in summer, they are subjected to low light levels, short days, dry heated air, and a chilly house in winter. As their growth habits change, so must our indoor gardening tasks. Interior plants need less water in winter.

Fertilizing House Plants

Air spaces in the soil get choked with water. Plant roots need air as much as they need water and nutrients. Check for water before grabbing the watering can. Water thoroughly, letting it drain out the bottom of the pot into a sink or bucket. To accommodate low light levels, keep leafy plants clean. Dust cuts down on the light necessary for photosynthesis, which feeds the plant. Be sure the bottom of the pot is not touching or standing in the water. Group plants together for more humidity, or run a humidifier or vaporizer.

Give it bright, direct light for a few hours every day, preferably in a south-facing window, and water when the soil is slightly dry. Multiple fronds in an elegant fan pattern make this a beautiful plant, no matter your personal decor style. With large shiny leaves and a fun, beefy shape, this plant adds strong vertical interest to any room.


It likes moderate to bright light and light, constant moisture, to boot. If you feel the need to prune it , just be sure to wear gardening gloves to keep its sticky sap off your fingers.

How to Create your Personal Plant Sanctuary

The plumes of this gorgeous palm can reach 6 to 7 feet tall, so be sure to give it plenty of space. This hardy ivy thrives in pots, hanging baskets, or mixed with other taller houseplants in a shared pot.

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  7. It needs moderate light in spring and summer, and it requires bright light or additional fluorescent light in fall and winter. These lush ferns are an inexpensive, classic houseplant, and their arching, bright green fronds always look lovely. But be warned: They can be a bit of a diva indoors. Boston Ferns prefer lots of light, and they'll need to be misted every day. Alternatively, you can try putting them on a tray of pebbles filled with water.