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That fact's already reflected in the NET ranking and in the quadrant records, but who knows, maybe the committee will want to voice displeasure there. If not, however, the record outside Quad 1 and particularly the NET ranking could be sufficient. Updated: March Clemson Tigers.

After losing by a point to NC State in the ACC tournament, Clemson will be on a few "last four in" and perhaps more "first four out" lists. That's preferable to "next four out," certainly, but it's still a precarious position to occupy in the middle of what is always a wild and tumultuous Championship Week.

Even the slightest contraction of the bubble brought about by even a single bid thief, for example, could prove calamitous to the Tigers. Granted, at the end there could still be an at-large bid in the offing for Brad Brownell's group, which finished its playing days showing up in the 30s in the NET rankings. Stranger things have transpired in the committee room, goodness knows.

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A more appropriate working assumption for Brownell and his men, however, is that their record in Quad 1 games will need to be either completely overlooked by or somehow ingeniously smuggled past the committee in order for this team to get an at-large. Oklahoma Sooners. The profile is set in stone for the Sooners.

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Shown as a No. For the record, the Sooners are in Quads 2 and 3, and against Quad 4. The early exit from the conference tournament could drop Oklahoma to a double-digit seed, but at in the Big 12, the Sooners will gladly become the first team in over 20 years to earn an at-large with fewer than eight wins in an game conference season. TCU might join that club as well.

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TCU Horned Frogs. The Horned Frogs closed out their profile with a bit of a three-game roller coaster. One game after playing their way onto the No. Fortunately for TCU fans, however, the Frogs escaped , only to bow out to top-seeded Kansas State in the quarterfinals. At with a season sweep of Iowa State and a road win in Austin to show in the Quad 1 trophy case, the Horned Frogs may have done enough for a bid.

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But it's going to be close. Texas Longhorns. Bubble Watch has waxed eloquent naturally on the subject of not writing off "work to do" teams just because we saw them lose their last game. In the specific case of the Longhorns, however, we're confronted with a different question entirely.

Is the committee going to give a bid to a team with a record? That answer has never been "yes" before, whether with respect to the 16 losses or the. Words like "never" do not sound promising for UT's tournament hopes.

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John's, Creighton, Georgetown, Xavier. John's Red Storm. John's was projected as a No. Chris Mullin's men were blown out by Marquette, and the NET ranking attached to the Red Storm even going into a lopsided loss already was in the mids. Now factor in that, in the eyes of the rating system, the Johnnies actually were playing a "home" game at Madison Square Garden when they were hammered by 32 points.

Meaning this NET ranking could get ugly. Still, there also are two things going in this team's favor. John's is still against Marquette and Villanova for the season. Second, well, the committee does have to get to 68 somehow. Creighton Bluejays. A two-point loss to Xavier in the Big East tournament probably leaves Creighton just short of the tournament field. The Bluejays covered a good deal of ground to make it that far, and a win against the Musketeers would have changed this picture considerably.

Instead, CU has stopped playing at , leaving it difficult to point to any one facet of the profile that recommends Greg McDermott's team at the expense of other at-large candidates. Creighton's NET ranking is in the 50s, which is fine but not great, a description that also might apply to the Quad 1 record and the mark in Quads 2, 3 and 4.

It was a spirited turnaround from , but it doesn't appear to be quite enough. Georgetown Hoyas.

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  8. Georgetown gave this thing a run for its money when pretty much no one in mid-February saw the run coming, but it appears the Hoyas have come up short. Losing by 16 in your conference tournament quarterfinals to Seton Hall when you're being shown as "next four out" material does not customarily presage receiving an at-large bid. The all-freshman backcourt of James Akinjo and Mac McClung gives the Hoyas all kinds of hope for the future, and who knew before the season that this would be the fastest-paced team in Big East play?

    Alas, it just wasn't enough, apparently, to get into the field this time. Xavier Musketeers. Xavier needed that game against Villanova, and the Musketeers led for roughly 28 minutes of regulation before the Wildcats took the proceedings to overtime. You know the rest: Travis Steele's men came up short, and the same can almost certainly be said for XU's shot at an at-large bid. At , the Musketeers are a respectable in Quad 1 games but just in Quad 2 and 3 games. Don't go overboard with the debt I'd suggest not more than a year or so of borrowing , but it can help get you out of a bad place.

    Many universities also have student jobs, so finding work in that environment might be a little easier than otherwise. They also have career centers that will help polish a resume and refine interview skills. Figure out what you love to do. Look for a job where you get to do it. In the mean time, any job will do. Lastly, as others have said here, you're a more than competent writer.

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    If you enjoy doing it, maybe you've a career option there. In the meantime, keep a journal. Not only is the process cathartic, it forces you to be reflective. Also, tinyproj, a site featured here recently, has weekly lists of freelancing opportunities. Maybe something there will help tide you over. Everyone seems to be posting long, drawn-out responses to everything you said, but I just want to touch on one point.

    You're twenty years old. Maybe quitting your job was a bad move, maybe it was a good move that you just can't see the bright side of yet, but in any event you've got plenty of time to figure out what to do.

    And, bonus, you know what financial hardship is like. I know a lot of folks that won't take big risks because they're afraid of losing their savings. Not a problem for you, it happened once and you know you can survive it. Assuming he doesn't have a wife and kids he has nothing to worry about. Plenty of time ahead for improvements, which mostly comes from learning more diverse things AND networking more.

    Tyrannosaurs on Oct 12, I think you're being tough on yourself. You're not an idiot, you just took a risk that didn't pay off, but that's part of how we learn. Looking back at your other post that was a shitty situation and the desire to get out of there must have been pretty strong. Maybe I'm wrong but when you're under that sort of pressure and that unhappy, any alternative can look good and it can be hard to work out what the right way forward is. Personally I'd look back at what was happening before you quit and why you quit. Understand that, understand that decision and what you can learn from it.