Manual Consigna: Matar a Jose Antonio (Spanish Edition)

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Related Identities. Associated Subjects. The conspiracy was discovered and Rivera was imprisoned on March 14, On July 18 the Civil War broke out and turned the entire country into a battleground.

Clemente (Spanish Edition): El verdadero legado de un hero inmortal

Primo de Rivera was tried and executed by a firing squad in Alicante, on Nov. The party survived in the dictatorship of Gen. Francisco Franco. The foundational convention was held in the Teatro de la Comedia of Madrid. He was the keynote speaker and his first address was a criticism of liberal democracy.

It shared its dislike of Marxism and its contempt for democracy. Primo de Rivera proposed that the creation of a hierarchical trade-union hegemony under Falangist control would guarantee the robust protection of every honest worker. Additionally the Falangist platform called for extensive agrarian reforms, for the nationalization of the banking system and for the suppression of all political parties. Until the desired establishment of one-party rule Falange preferred the formalities of a liberal democracy.

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The party had no formal view on religion other than to guarantee freedom of worship while at the same time acknowledging and affirming that Roman Catholicism was the historical preference of the Spanish people. Quotations: "Fascism was born to inspire a faith not of the Right which at bottom aspires to conserve everything, even injustice or of the Left which at bottom aspires to destroy everything, even goodness , but a collective, integral, national faith. He was a dictator, aristocrat, and military officer who served as Prime Minister of Spain from to during Spain's Restoration era.

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Aumenta el consumo de calcio, magnesio y vitaminas C y D para prevenir la osteoartritis, y recuerda que para las rodillas sensibles es preferible correr en una caminadora o una pista blanda. Espira por la nariz. Lleva un diario de los hechos cotidianos que te frustran. Now the net is closing By tim bouquetAs the wedge shape of the Eurostar to Paris flashes through the Kent countryside, a well-built man leans his close-cropped head on to the backrest behind him and shuts his eyes.

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After 20 years hunting major criminals, Adrian Hodgetts, a detective sergeant in the Specialist Crime Directorate, is not easily excited. But today he has a meeting with drug investigators at the Ministry of the Interior in Paris. Hodgetts eases himself back into the upholstered seat and tries to relax as the train speeds quietly into the Channel Tunnel. What he hears is breathtaking in its scale. Sixteen couriers have been picked up carrying up to ten kilos of cocaine each, altogether some kilos.

Most of the mules are female, in their late teens or early twenties. Up to three travel on a flight, but their paymasters need only one to get through to make a fortune. The others are left to their fate. The drugs are hidden in books and suitcases. Liquid cocaine is in sealed gift-boxed rum bottles. Hodgetts knows he must find the spider at the centre of the web without giving any warning that police are on to him—or he will simply vanish.

The girl, called Tasha, travels with her on the express train into Paris. Tasha checks Chantal into a hotel, they have lunch and for a while they catch the sights of the city. Chantal, with four gift-boxed bottles of rum still safely in her luggage, boards an overnight coach to London. Chantal steps down from the Paris coach and stops to claim her suitcase from the hold. As the Xsara slips into the traffic, Detective Constable Nicholas Potts and other cars with police officers follow. At nearby Belgravia police station Hodgetts is in touch by radio.

Traffic is very light as they move towards east London. The driver sits motionless, but Chantal jumps out and runs with the rum bottles. Meanwhile the scent has gone cold. Maybe Chantal and the driver will yield something under interrogation. At Belgravia police station Chantal is clearly terrified and shaking. She is also beginning to show signs of drug withdrawal. He is from St Martin.

The driver is Clyde Benjamin, aged 29, born in Guyana.

He has no criminal record. Hodgetts and his team find two more precious leads—a mobile phone on Benjamin and a second one hidden in the car.

La historia no contada de Marco Antonio Solís - Muy buenos días

Police begin checking records for both phones. There are more calls to the number Chantal had written next to the name Tasha. The next lead is the car itself.

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It is registered to a year-old Guyanese woman, Candy Blackman. But Hodgetts decides not to arrest her for the time being, to reinforce the impression that the arrest of Benjamin and Joly was a one-off. Maybe, thinks Hodgetts, we can trap the spider after all. One belongs to Bernard Clarke, 31, who lives with his girlfriend Lisa Bennett, 36, in a plush suburban house in Romford, Essex.

Both have a taste for expensive watches, a Cartier for her, a Rolex for him. Surveillance teams report they spend a lot of time shopping, returning laden with expensive items. But suddenly their routine changes.

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Detectives trace them to Bream Gardens, a quiet cul-de-sac in Newham, east London, where they let themselves into No 6, a terraced house. Later, after the couple have gone, police discover empty containers of bicarbonate of soda discarded outside. He knows that bicarb mixed with water and boiled in a saucepan reduces the acid content of cocaine and it crystallises into crack. There is no point in raiding the house without Bennett and Clarke there. They wait for the couple to reappear. Hodgett is beginning to see a pattern to the web.


The nearer the centre—or more important—a person is, the more things happen when they make a call. One name, in particular, stands out. When he calls, money moves, couriers fly and crack is made. The next morning as Clarke and Bennett return to Bream Gardens, Hodgetts gives the order to storm the building. The policeman is stunned by what they find.

Together they weigh 9. Rooms are filled with oversized white leather sofas and marble statues. Within two weeks the police have rounded up 17 members of the gang. But the biggest prize of all is still at large.